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Gary seems to b…

June 6, 2012

Gary seems to believe that some Packer fans are closeted Yikestheirqueens fans. I know they are experts at being in the closet, i’m just not sure why they try to drag people in with them. Why would anyone…well that don’t even need to be finished…As for the “stolen my a**” crowd it makes perfect sense that if you are mentally challenged enough to be fans of the Munchkins of the Midway or aforementioned yikestheirqueens then you could be stupid enough to believe an exec would trade his SB ring for drugs..I know you don’t really understand how valuable they are, and you know execs make a good chunk of money so if he were into drugs he would pay cash. Not everyone is as stupid as Hurd-most would go bout business discreetly..Saints guy, you get a pass. Your judgement is gonna be clouded by bitterness for a while and you will see conspiracies and corruption everywhere


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